SIAM-SEAS JeopardyTM Competition 2003

As part of the 27th Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics SouthEastern Atlantic Section (SIAM-SEAS) and the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Southeastern Section, 46 undergraduate students majoring in mathematics, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, and other physical sciences competed in the second SIAM-SEAS JeopardyTM competition. This event was held in Brackett Hall Auditorium on the campus of Clemson University (Clemson, SC). Twelve teams representing Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, College of Charleston, East Tennessee State University, Furman University, Georgia Southern University, Kennesaw State University, Meredith College, Methodist College, The Citadel, The University of Tennessee and Western Carolina University competed in preliminary rounds on Friday, March 21. Each team was required to provide questions to answers (in the spirit of the popular TV game show) from topics in Calculus I, Calculus II, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and Computer Science.

The top four scoring teams (among all the preliminary rounds) were elgible to compete in the final round of Jeopardy on Saturday, March 22. All rounds included "Daily Doubles" and a "Final Jeopardy" question. The top four teams (and their scores) making to the finals were: Furman University (3100), The Citadel (2000), College of Charleson (1700), and Coastal Carolina University (1400). Kennesaw State and Methodist College tied for fifth place with a score 1200 points.

The final Jeopardy round was the most exciting round yet with The Citadel and College of Charleston vying for the lead throughout the contest. But the team from College of Charleston took charge with the remaining few questions and after the Final Jeopardy question from Linear Algebra, they had accumulate over 5800 points for a first place finish. The final placements are provided below.

As with the popular gameshow, incorrect questions to answers forced point deductions and solutions to several computational problems were submitted to a judge for verification. A buzzer system loaned by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Tennessee was used by the teams to signal responses and to determine control of the game. Special thanks to Mark Cawood and Chris Cox of Clemson for their help with the scheduling and local arrangements needed to make this event possible. Thanks also to the numerous faculty members who supplied questions used in both the preliminary and final rounds: Martha Abell (Georgia Southern), Julia Barnes (Western Carolina), Annalisa Calini (College of Charleston), Mei Chen (The Citadel), Cammey Cole (Meredith College), Chris Cox (Clemson), Sean Ellermeyer (Kennesaw State), and Debra Knisley (East Tennessee State). Many of these faculty members also served as judges, scorers, or time keepers in the preliminary rounds. Yiheng Yang (Tennessee) did a marvelous job in coordinating the collection and formatting of the questions for the HTML-based gameboards. Jackie Huband (Western Florida) and Gary Huband (Elgin AFB) served as the judge and scorer, respectively, for the final round on Saturday, March 22. Thanks to all the volunteers for their help in this year's contest a success. Finally, we thank SIAM for providing travel funds for all the student teams competing this year. Without SIAM's continuing generous support, this contest would not be possible.

Place Team (Points) Roster
1st College of Charleston (5801) Ryan Fenno, Shaun Wood, Kevin Young, Annalisa Calini (Coach)
2nd The Citadel (1900) Brandon Dias, Wittaya Innakkool, Pisut Musansamai, Wasita Renkjumnong, Mei Chen (Coach)
3rd Coastal Carolina Univ. (1300) Levi Bailey, Andrew Bartlett, Allison Carter, Bin Zheng, Prashant Sansgiry (Coach)
4th Furman University (0) Julie Harris, Mary Hedges, Amanda Pascoe, Bryan Young, John Harris (Coach)
Winning Teams

For a copy (PDF) of the SIAM-SEAS Jeopardy 2003 program, click here.

Previous SIAM-SEAS Jeopardy contests: 2001.

- Michael W. Berry (Organizer)
University of Tennessee