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Melanie K. Hughey
MS Graduate, Spring 1998
Thesis Title: An Implementation of kd-Trees for Improved Query Matching with Latent Semantic Indexing
Employer: International Network Services (INS)
Luojian Chen
MS Graduate, Spring 1998
Thesis Title: Feature Extraction and Retrieval Using DICE: Dendronic Image Characterization Environment
Employer: Yahoo!
Dax M. Westerman
MS Graduate, Spring 1998
Thesis Title: The Design and Application of ICAT: Interactive Cluster Analysis Toolkit
Employer: Coinstar
Eric P. Jiang
PhD Graduate, Summer 1998
Dissertation Title: Information Retrieval and Filtering Using the Riemannian SVD
Employer: University of San Diego (Asst. Professor)
Stefen O. Howard
MS Graduate, Fall 1998
PILOT Topic: gtp: General Text Parser Software (C++)
Employer: Mars Hill College (Asst. Professor)
Kanchan Madhukar
MS Graduate, August 1999
PILOT Topic: An Online Searchable Index for the Daily Beacon (UTK Student Newspaper)
Employer: Computing & Academic Services UTK
Xiaoyan (Kathy) Zhang
MS Graduate, December 1999
Thesis Title: Level Search Techniques for Scalable Information Retrieval
Employer: Netegrity
Min Liang
MS Graduate, December 1999
PILOT Topic: High Performance SVD for the Octave Programming Environment
Employer: Motorola (GSM Software Dept., Arlington Heights, IL)
Haibin Tang
MS Graduate, December 1999
PILOT Topic: GTP Software Integration - Text Parsing with SVD and SDD
Employer: Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
John S. Warden
MS Graduate, May 2000
PILOT Topic: WWW Interface for College of Human Ecology Databases
Employer: College of Human Ecology UTK
Brian L. Baker
MS Graduate, May 2000
PILOT Topic: Web Presence Indexing Software
Employer: Applied Semantics
Shama Y. Quazi
MS Graduate, May 2000
PILOT Topic: UTK/CS Student Resume Search Engine
Project Software: Resume Search
Yaser M. Ali
MS Graduate, August 2000
PILOT Topic: Comparison of Cognitive Maps
Employer: Lockheed Martin
Richard D. Thursby
MS Graduate, December 2000
PILOT Topic: Query Analysis of the UTK Website
Employer: TBA
David Guo
MS Graduate, May 2001
Thesis Title: Knowledge-Enhanced Latent Semantic Indexing: Algorithms and Applications
Employer: Allstate Insurance
John D. Eblen
MS Graduate, May 2001
PILOT Topic: The Intensive Internet Investigation (III) System
Employer: Genomix
Anne-Scott (Scotti) Whitmire
MS Graduate, August 2001
PILOT Topic: PHP Scripting with a PostgreSQL Database Server
Employer: DeRoyal
Colton A. Smith
MS Graduate, December 2001
Thesis Title: Using Yeast to Implement DNA-Based Algorithms
Concept Presentation Thesis Game
Employer: MPLN, Inc.
Alphons Immanuel
MS Graduate, August 2002
Thesis title: A Parallel Implementation of ALFISH: Simulating Hydrological Compartmentalization Effects on Fish Dynamics in the Florida Everglades
Employer: WellCare
Patrick A. Lynn
MS Graduate, December 2002
Thesis title: Evolving the General Text Parser (GTP) Utility into a Usable Application Via Interface Design
Employer: Windrock Enterprises
Justin T. Giles
MS Graduate, December 2002
PILOT Topic: An Implementation of the GTP (General Text Parser) Query Module
Employer: Vanderbilt University
Svetlana Y. Mironova
MS Graduate, May 2003
Thesis Title: Integrating Network Storage Into Information Retrieval Applications
Presentation Thesis
Employer: Int'l Paper
John C. England III
MS Graduate, May 2003
PILOT Topic: A Robust Interface to the Stanford Microarray Database (SDM) Presentation Report
Employer: UTK/CS
Wade H. Spires
BS CS/BS Math, May 2004
Senior Thesis: Liblantiff: Software for the Creation of GEOTIFF Image Files from Landscape Objects (Software, Poster) Employer:Automated Trading Desk
Farial Shahnaz
MS Graduate, August 2004
Thesis title: A Clustering Method Based on Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Text Mining
Presentation Thesis
Internship: Yahoo! Research
Shakhina A. Pulatova
MS Graduate, August 2004
Thesis title: A Whole Genome Phylogeny Using Truncated Pivoted QR Decomposition
Presentation Thesis
Employer: National Instruments
Joshua K. Lothian
MS Graduate, August 2004
PILOT Topic: Techniques for Using Wild-Card Characters for Automated Peptide Extraction in Phylogeny Presentation
Employer: ORNL
Kevin E. Heinrich
MS Graduate, August 2004
Thesis Title: Finding Functional Gene Relationships Using the Semantic Gene Organizer (SGO) Presentation Thesis
PhD Program: UTK/CS
Michael J. Harmon
MS Graduate, December 2005
PILOT Topic: An Exchange Object for Parallel Multimodeling
Employer: The E.W. Scripps Company
Kristen J. Bains
MS Graduate, December 2006
PILOT Topic: A Cellular Automata Implementation of a Wildfire Spread Model
Presentation Report
Employer: Federal Express
Kevin E. Heinrich
PhD Graduate, May 2007
Dissertation Title: Automated Gene Classification Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization on Biomedical Literature
Dissertation Presentation Dissertation
Employer: Computable Genomix, LLC
Barry L. Britt
MS Graduate, May 2007
PILOT Title: Document Classification Techniques using LSI
Presentation Report
Employer: ICL/UTK
Nicholas A. Buchanan
MS Graduate, May 2007
PILOT Title: ModelViewer: A Distributed Framework Interface for GIS-Integrated Environmental Modeling Presentation Report
Employer: ESRI
Matthew L. Aldridge
PhD Graduate, May 2008
Dissertation Title: A Finite State Machine Approach to Cluster Identification Using the Hoshen-Kopelman Algorithm Presentation Dissertation
Employer: BeliefNetworks, Inc.
Gregory L. Shutt
MS Graduate, December 2008
PILOT Title: Text Visualization Using FutureLens Announcement Presentation, Report
Employer: TBD
Elina Tjioe
PhD Graduate, May 2009
Dissertation Title: Discovering Gene Functional Relationships Using a Literature-based NMF Model Presentation, Dissertation
Employer: UCSF/BSPS
Tabitha K. Samuel
MS Graduate, August 2009
PILOT Title: Performance Evaluation of the Matlab PCT for Parallel Implementations of Nonnegative Tensor Factorization Announcement, Presentation, Report, Tutorial
Employer: NICS
Brian S. Zachary
MS Graduate, May 2010
PILOT Title: A Tool for Cross-Platform Audio Recording and Video Transcoding Announcement, Report, Slides
Employer: ICL/UTK
Papa S. Diaw
MS Graduate, August 2010
PILOT Title: Sparse Tensors Decomposition Software
Presentation, Report
Employer: Pilot Travel Centers, LLC
Andrey A. Puretskiy
PhD Graduate, December 2010
Dissertaton Title: A Visual Approach to Automated Text Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Announcement, Presentation, Dissertation, Movie (11MB), Movie2 (11MB), Movie3 (8.5MB)
Employer: Pellissippii State Community College
Joshua M. Strange
MS Graduate, August 2012
PILOT Title: Improving the Capabilities of FutureLens
Presentation, Report
Employer: TBD
Ryhan O. Pathan
MS Graduate, December 2012
PILOT Title: PolyLens: Software for Map-based Visualization and Analysis of Genome-scale Polymorphism Data
Presentation, Report
Employer: TBD
Denise Koessler Gosnell
PhD Graduate, August 2014
Dissertation Title: Social Fingerprinting: Identifying Users of Social Networks by their Data Footprint?
Announcement, Presentation, Dissertation (8MB)
Employer: DataStax
Ye Sun
MS Graduate, December 2014
PILOT Title: Nonnegative Matrix Factorization on Vehicle Crash Summaries
Presentation, Report
Employer: Jacobs Engineering
Benjamin Walter Martin
PhD Graduate, August 2015
Dissertation Title: Computational Analysis of Neutron Scattering Data
Announcement, Presentation, Dissertation
James S. Ferguson
MS Graduate, August 2016
PILOT Title: Additive Manufacturing Defect Detection using Neural Networks
Presentation, Report
Employer: ORNL/MDF
John C. Martin
PhD Graduate, August 2016
Dissertation Title: Quantitative Metrics for Comparison of Hyper-dimensional LSA Spaces for Semantic Differences
Announcement, Presentation, Dissertation
Employer: Lirio, LLC
Andrew W. Nash
MS Graduate, December 2016
PILOT Title: The Constellation Project: Representing a High Performance File System as a Graph for Analysis
Announcement, Presentation, Report
Employer: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
Ty Vaughan
MS Gradudate, May 2018
PILOT Title: The MIMIC-III Dataset Generation Library (MDGL)
Announcement, Presentation, Report
Employer: AT&T
Dian I. Martin
PhD Graduate, May 2018
Dissertation Title: A Semantic Unsupervised Learning Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation
Announcement, Presentation, Dissertation
Employer: Small Bear Technologies, Inc.
Robert E. Lowe
PhD Gradudate, August 2018
Dissertation Title: Textual Influence Modeling Through Non-Negative Tensor Decomposition
Announcement, Presentation, Dissertation
Employer: Maryville College