CS 102 / ECE 206
Spring 2011

An Introduction to

Computer Science

using robots!

Bruce MacLennan, PhD
Phone: 974-5067
Office: 217 Claxton Complex
Hours: TR 3:45–5:00, or make an appointment
Email: maclennan AT eecs.utk.edu

TR 2:10–3:25 in BU 415

Labs: Claxton 103 (Cetus Lab: Lab Hours – CS102 section 002 and ECE206 sec. 001)

Claxton 105 (Hydra Lab: Lab Hours – ECE206 section 002)

Labs begin Jan. 24 (ECE206 sec. 001 / Monday lab) or Jan. 26 (CS102 sec. 002 and ECE206 sec. 002 / Wednesday labs).  Online lab handouts

This page: http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~mclennan/Classes/102 
Or: http://web.eecs.utk.edu/courses/spring2010/cs102robots/


IMPORTANT: Bring your UT ID to class and lab; you must have it to get an account on EECS machines!


Problem solving and algorithm development. Organization and characteristics of modern digital computers with emphasis on software engineering, building abstractions with procedures and data, and programming in a modern computer language.  Includes Level 1 design projects, which require laboratory work. In these sections the laboratories will focus on programming robots.


None.  If you have any questions about whether you should take this course, please send me mail.

Teaching / Lab Assistants

Nick Overfield (ECE 206 labs)
Phone: N/A
Office: Hydra or Cetus Lab
Hours: R 3:30–6:30, or make an appointment
Email: noverfie AT utk dot edu

Josh Strange (ECE 206, Mon. lab; CS 102)
Phone: N/A
Office: Hydra Lab
Hours: F 9:00–12:00, or make an appointment
Email: jstrang3 AT eecs.utk.edu

Jiajia Luo (ECE 206, Wed. lab)
Phone: N/A
Office: SERF 536
Hours: N/A, or make an appointment
Email: jluo9 AT utk.edu

Tiantian Gao (CS 102)
Phone: N/A
Office: Cetus Lab
Hours: F 2:00–5:00, or make an appointment
Email: tgao2 AT utk.edu

Jilong Liao (CS 102)
Phone: N/A
Office: Greve 516
Hours: N/A, or make an appointment
Email: jliao2 AT utk.edu

Grading and Other Policies

Please note that the EECS department requires a grade of at least C in all CS, ECE, and Math courses. If you get C– or below, you will have to repeat this class!


Both of these textbooks are available online (click on their titles).

Learning Computing with Robots in C++, edited by Deepak Kumar.

The book is available in hardcopy, in case you would prefer reading the book on paper rather than online. You can order a bound copy from lulu.com for $14.90 + S/H

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with C++, by Allen B. Downey.

I have made a pdf file (3.2 MB) of this entire book, in case you find it more convenient.  There is no special formatting; it is just what you would get if you printed out the web pages. I’ve also made a mobi file (700 KB), which can be read on a kindle.  Click here. Paper copies are available from from lulu.com for $13.28 + S/H

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