Class Policies & Exams

CS 102 (Sec. 2) & ECE 206 (Secs. 1, 2)

Spring 2011

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WELCOME to the study of Computer Science. Please be present and on time, and stay for the entire class period. Experience has shown that excessive absences will adversely affect your final grade. If you must miss class, it is your responsibility to get class notes from a classmate. Always bring your ID to class and lab. In case of snow, follow the published university policy.

READING: I cannot cover everything you need to know in class. Therefore it is very important that you do the assigned readings before you come to class. They will help you to understand the lectures and give you essential information that you will need in the labs. Pay careful attention to the Schedule; I will tell you if I change it.

HOMEWORK: Most weeks I will assign homework on Thursday, which will be due during your lab time, the following Monday or Wednesday. Late homeworks will not be accepted.

EXAMS and GRADES: Points are awarded for performance on tests and on labs, and tests are cumulative.
Note that any grade below C (70%) will appear on your transcript as NC (No Credit).

Any student found cheating will be given a grade of  F  for the course. Cell phones must be turned off and put away. This will be discussed in more detail before the first test.
LABORATORIES: Attendance at labs is mandatory, and you must attend your own lab session. You may miss only one lab with no penalty, but the homework lab is still required, and missing a lab does not change the homework due date. (Late work is not accepted except in extreme circumstances.) It is imperative that labs be completed in sequence. Therefore, if you miss a lab, complete the work before continuing on with the next lab. See the CS102/ECE206 Lab Policy for additional details. Your account is for EECS class work ONLY and will disappear at the end of the semester.
OFFICE HOURS: TA office hours will be announced once they are finalized; see the CS102/ECE206 homepage. Take advantage of this free help. See Dr. MacLennan by appointment in Claxton 217.
NOISE: Please put away cell phones and do not talk during lectures. It is rude to distract others who are trying to pay attention. If you get through listening before Dr. MacLennan gets through lecturing, please rethink your commitment to this class. On the other hand, questions are encouraged.

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