CS 594, Special Topics in Computer Science:
Computational Methods for Systems Biology
Fall Term, 2007

Instructor Michael A. Langston

Time and Place

Wednesdays from 5:05 to 7:45 pm
Rm 205, Claxton Building


This class is intended primarily for EECS and GST students, and is focused on fundamental computational techniques relevant to systems biology. Three hours credit will be given. Requisite complexity-theoretic issues will be reviewed, including: asymptotics and order notation; P, NP and NP-completeness; fixed-parameter tractability and fast exact algorithms; and search, decision, optimization and approximation. Algorithmic paradigms of widespread biological relevance will be emphasized. These include: dynamic programming and space management; parallel and grid computing; and simulation and the use of fast heuristic algorithms. Selection of individual topics from biology will be based in part on student interest and background. Class format will be informal lecture and discussion. Outside reading and class participation will be expected. Guest lecturers from GST, ORNL and elsewhere are scheduled to assist. The textbook will be augmented with the liberal use of research papers and other publications.


An Introduction to Systems Biology - Design Principles of Biological Circuits
Alon, ISBN 978-1584886426

Supplemental Reading

Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology
Meidanis and Setubal, ISBN 0-534-95262-3

Computers and Intractability
Garey and Johnson, ISBN 0-7167-1044-X

Teaching Assistant Charles Phillips

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