CS 594, Special Topics in Computer Science

Fixed-Parameter Tractability

Spring Term, 2012

Instructor Michael A. Langston

Time and Place

Wednesdays from 5:05 to 7:45 pm
Location To Be Announced


This course is intended for graduate students* with interests in advanced algorithmics and applications. It is particularly well-suited for students in these academic disciplines:
Computer Science
Genome Science and Technology
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Three hours credit will be given.

Major Goals

(1) Explore the role fixed-parameter tractability can play in determining computational complexity.
(2) Investigate a range of applications.
(3) Learn the state of the art for fixed-parameter style algorithms.
(4) Understand how to establish the W-hardness of problems resistant to fixed-parameter lines of attack.

Required Text

Invitation to Fixed-Parameter Algorithms
Niedermeier, ISBN 0-19-856607-7

Supplemental Reading

Computers and Intractability
Garey and Johnson, ISBN 0-7167-1044-X

Parameterized Complexity
Downey and Fellows, ISBN 0-387-94883-X

Parameterized Complexity Theory
Flum and Grohe, ISBN 978-3-540-29952-3

For More Information See Background

*Although offered as a graduate course, this class may be taken by well-prepared undergraduate students by permission of the instructor. If permission is granted, undergraduate students should register for this as CS494.