ARC Centre in Bioinformatics

Partner Investigator:
Michael A. Langston, Department of Computer Science, University of Tennessee
The ARC Centre in Bioinformatics was established in 2003. It is a multi-nodal, interdisciplinary collaborative effort that uniquely brings together genomic and post-genomic bioinformatics, complex systems research and high-throughput experimental phenomics. The centre's aim is to produce a deep understanding of how information in the genome is transformed into structure and function in the mammalian cell. Goals include the integration of new developments in mathematics, statistics, computing and information science, a mutual enrichment of biological and complex systems research, the development and application of innovative laboratory-based experimental phenomic biology, and building an integrated data framework for hypothesis testing, validation and discovery. The ARC Centre in Bioinformatics is committed to:
(1) research excellence providing insights into genome-phenome biology and complex systems,
(2) an advanced education and training program that fosters excellence, exposes students from diverse disciplines to new perspectives in bioinformatics, and generates human capital,
(3) improved access to skills, tools and facilities at the interface among genomic and post-genomic biology, molecular cell biology, mathematics, statistics, and computing and information sciences, and
(4) critical mass and a national focus for genome-phenome bioinformatics in Australia.
The Chief Investigator for this project is Mark Ragan of the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the The University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia.
Other Partner Institutions are The Australian National University, Deakin University, The IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Macquarie University, The University of Auckland and The University of Newcastle.