Algorithms for Large Scale Problems in Biomarker Discovery

Partner Investigator:
Michael A. Langston, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Tennessee
This project will develop multi-objective memetic algorithms and novel combinatorial optimization techniques for core problems in bioinformatics. Major motivations include genome-wide association studies and next-generation -omics technologies. An emphasis will be on developing methods that address foundational issues related to practical algorithmic utility. Implementations will include new hybrid and metaheuristic tools that employ, whenever possible, mathematical programming and other efficient exact solvers. The scalability of these algorithms will be studied in hybrid CPU-GPU systems, and quantified by their empirical performance on extremely large datasets. A key aim is to gain at least two orders of magnitude in run-time improvement over what can be addressed with current systems and algorithms.
The Chief Investigator for this project is Pablo Moscato at The University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Other Partner Investigator are
Regina Berretta at The University of Newcastle,
Carlos Cotta at Universidad de Málaga, and
Fred W. Glover at The University of Colorado.