High-Performance Computing and Fixed-Parameter Tractability

Principal Investigator:
Michael A. Langston, Department of Computer Science, University of Tennessee
We are studying the role emergent algorithmic strategies can play within heterogeneous, high-performance grid-based environments. We are especially interested in systems with reconfigurable hardware components, fast interconnects, and CAD/PC workstation clusters. We anticipate that such an environment can yield significant improvements in performance for large-scale applications. Of course many combinatorial problems relevant to resource sharing either along a grid or within a cluster are NP-hard. Thus we seek to determine how best to deal with this level of complexity. A major goal is to explore the effectiveness of fixed-parameter tractability as an algorithm design paradigm. Among this project's foci are issues of trustworthiness, security, reliability, hardware/software balancing, information sharing, and computation/ communication tradeoffs.
Sites of Interest: