Mapping Cerebellar Development in Time and Space

Co-Principal Investigator:
Michael A. Langston, Department of Computer Science, University of Tennessee
The developing mammalian brain is one of the most dynamic of biological systems involving numerous cell types each with its own repertoire of gene expression and behavior. This application is designed to use two special mouse-based resources, recombinant inbred lines and single gene mutants, to produce a large set of molecular and cellular data which will be submitted to informatic tools developed within this project to allow the research community to interactively query the databases to provide an ever-more-accurate view into the role of genes and cell interactions in brain development. Our focus will be on the mouse cerebellum due to the simplicity and knowledge base of its development. We propose to adapt and create tools for examining and visualizing the role of gene expression in cellular and molecular development of the cerebellum. The goal is that these tools (informatic, validation and visualization) will be readily accessible to researchers on-line and provide the framework for a series of integrated science information archives for the understanding of cerebellar development at multiple levels of analysis.
The PI for this project is Daniel Goldowitz at the Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics. A team photo is shown below.