Recent Langston Lab Graduates

Recent Ph.D. Graduates

Carissa Bleker
Research Topic: Data-Driven Analytics
Graduation Date: 2020
Yuping (Allan) Lu
Research Topic: Clustering Algorithms and Applications
Graduation Date: 2019
Ronald Hagan
Research Topic: Complex Network Analysis
Graduation Date: 2017
Charles Phillips
Research Topic: Multipartite Graph Algorithms
Graduation Date: 2015
Kai Wang
Research Topic: Fast Algorithms and Efficient Implementations
Graduation Date: 2015
Sudhir Naswa
Research Topic: Gene Networks Responsive to Low Dose Ionizing Radiation
Graduation Date: 2012
Gary Rogers
Research Topic: Out of Core Algorithms
Graduation Date: 2011
John Eblen
Research Topic: High Performance Algorithms for Life Sciences Applications
Graduation Date: 2010
Peter Shaw
Research Topic: Theoretical and Practical Advances in Cluster Editing
Graduation Date: 2010
Andy Perkins
Research Topic: Combinatorial Tools for Transcriptomic Data Analysis
Graduation Date: 2008
Yun Zhang
Research Topic: Scalable Graph Algorithms for Biological Applications
Graduation Date: 2008
Xinxia Peng
Research Topic: Network Similarity and Protein Domain Decomposition
Graduation Date: 2005
A listing of all doctoral graduates is also available.

Recent M.S. Graduates

Rachel Offutt
Research Topic: Data Science
Graduation Date: 2022
Brett Hagan
Research Topic: Big Data Analytics
Graduation Date: 2021
Clarence Jackson
Research Topic: Machine Learning
Graduation Date: 2018
Patricia Carey
Research Topic: Computational Proteomics for Complex Microbial Communities
Graduation Date: 2010
Jeremy Jay
Research Topic: Biological Data Management
Graduation Date: 2010
Clinton Nolan
Research Topic: User Tools for High Throughput Data Analysis
Graduation Date: 2010
Dinesh Weerapurage
Research Topic: Workload Balancing and High Performance Implementations
Graduation Date: 2010
Jordan Lefebvre
Research Topic: Remote Access Methods for Novel Computational Resources
Graduation Date: 2009
Bhavesh Borate
Research Topic: Transcriptomic Thresholding
Graduation Date: 2008
Jon Scharff
Research Topic: Differential Graph Analysis
Graduation Date: 2008
Zuopan Li
Research Topic: Database Tools for Ontological Discovery
Graduation Date: 2007
Nicole Baldwin
Research Topic: Bioinformatics
Graduation Date: 2004
Mahesh Dorai
Research Topic: FPGA Synthesis
Graduation Date: 2004
Henry Suters
Research Topic: Crown Decompositions
Graduation Date: 2004

Recent B.S. Graduates

Hunter Leef
Research Topic: Graph Theory
Graduation Date: 2020
David Laughon
Research Topic: Experimental Algorithmics
Graduation Date: 2014
James Hughes
Research Topic: Discrete Mathematics
Graduation Date: 2004