Eve Penguin Welcome the Network Security (COSC 434/534) course website.

This course will examine the challenges of building secure distributed systems which depend on networks to communicate. The course will explore what properties secure distributed systems should possess and how adversaries approach the problem of undermining these properties. By learning to think like an adversary, students will be able to examine existing systems for vulnerabilities and design their own secure systems. This course also introduces the current state of research in these areas.


  • Piazza Forum Live

    A class forum is live on Piazza, you should have received an email inviting you to join. I strongly prefer that course questions are asked there, given that if you have the question, odds are two others in the class have the same question and want the same answer.
  • Website Now Live

    This website will function as the COSC 434/534 course website. All lecture slides, readings, and assignments will be found here.

Important Dates

E 11 Jan 2017: Exercise Set 1 Out
C16 Jan 2017 : No Class - MLK Day
E 25 Jan 2017: Exercise Set 1 Due/2 Out
E 8 Feb 2017: Exercise Set 2 Due/3 Out
P 13 Feb 2017: Programming Assign 1 Out
C 17 Feb 2017: No Class - Max Travel
E 22 Feb 2017: Exercise Set 3 Due/4 Out
T 27 Fed 2017: Midterm Exam