Bidding Challenge #2: September 19, 2001

Answers, Scores.

Ok, time for another Gryphons II bidding challenge.

Send your bid and your reasoning to Kevin Wilson:, or to Jim Plank: Answers will be accepted through Wednesday, September 26, 2001.

Link to a description of the bidding challenges

The Challenge:

You're playing a pairs game (Matchpoints) at a nearby sectional.

You've had a good game, and unbeknownst to you, you are in first with
three boards to go.

Your opponents play some convoluted big club system, and their convention
card looks like chicken scratch.  

On board 1, they fix you, closing their eyes and bidding 6n+6 on a board
where everyone else is in 4s+6.  

On board 2, their mini-roman 2c opener lands them in a poor 3s contract,
and partner's obligatory spade lead sets them one.  

It's board 3 -- this one likely decides your fate.

Both sides are vulnerable.

You pick up:

   S xx
   H xx
   D Axxxxx
   C Axx

The bidding:

      RHO     You     LHO    Pard
      1S      P       2N     3H
      4D      X       4S     5D
      P       P       5S     P

Comments on the bidding:

    - 1S is limited to 15 points.
    - 2N is a game-forcing spade raise.  It makes no promises about
    - LHO can't explain the 4D bid.  He says they haven't discussed
      what it means over competition.  He can say pretty safely that
      partner does not have a heart stiff or void, because partner
      would make a different bid with that.  Otherise, it's anyone's
    - LHO tanked a bit before pulling out 5S.

What is your call, and why?