CS302 Final Exam -- December 11, 2012

James S. Plank



This was a challenging exam, and if you didn't figure out to do BFS on question one, you may have been behind the gun timewise for the rest of the exam. Questions 2 through 5 were all straight from the lecture notes -- if you put in the time studying, those should have been straightforward.

The ranges of grades are below. I am not breaking up grades into "B+" or "A-". Instead, I simply break them up into ABCD, and use those scores to calculate your final scores. When I get the final scores, I will break up the B's into A-/B+/B, and the C's into B-/C+/C.

Tukey Plots

This is a Tukey Plot, which has lines to the max and min, yellow box denoting the 1st and 3rd quartiles, hash marks at the median, and dot at the mean.

In the answers and grading, there are histograms of scores for each question.