CS360 Midterm Exam 2 -- March 21, 2017

James S. Plank



I thought this was a pretty standard exam. I did not anticipate that Question 1 would be the hardest. In fact, I thought I was throwing y'all a bone with question 1 -- some bit arithmetic (that didn't even make you do operations on bits -- the bit shifts were by multiples of four, and the AND and OR operations only involved f's and 0's) and some very simple pointer arithmetic. I was wrong, as the median score on Question 1 was 4 out of 16.

Here is the mapping of scores to grades:

Here's what I'm going to do. On monday in lab, I am going to give you another test. It is going to involve bit arithmetic, type casting and pointer arithmetic. Like question 1. The exam will be graded on a 16-point scale, and your score on the exam will be added to your score on this midterm. I want to see EVERYONE in the class get 16 out of 16 on this exam. This is fundamental material -- the kind that interviewers like to ask on interviews.

Tukey Plots

This is a Tukey Plot, which has lines to the max and min, yellow box denoting the 1st and 3rd quartiles, hash marks at the median, and dot at the mean.

In the "answers and grading", there are histograms of scores for each question.