CS360 Final -- December 11, 1999.

General Comments

So this was a difficult exam. Questions 1 and 2 were hard, and question three took some thought. Question 4 was straightforward. This exam stressed the ability to write understandable code under time pressure. I know that some of you have more trouble with that and are better at writing code when you have the chance to test it and use a debugger, but I believe that one of the best ways to communicate that you are thinking along the right lines is to be able to spew out code such as required in this exam.

While questions 1 and 2 caused the most trouble, they were basically material from labs 6 and 7. I was especially surprised that all the pointer gyrations of question 1 were handled for the most part poorly. You did have to do roughly the same thing in lab 6. When I see the quantity of gibberish that I saw for answers to questions 1 and 2, it makes me wonder if you are actually doing the labs, or if you are getting your lab answers by other means. This is one of the reasons that I write coding exams.


As usual, I like to set levels for A's and B's based on the grading of each question: Ok, so that's 34 points for a B, and 47 for an A. I'll subtract 4 points due to you being stressed out due to time pressure, and that gives the following grade ranges:

Histograms for each question