CS494/CS594 - Advanced Programming and Algorithms

James S. Plank

Fall, 2017 - Tuesday/Thursday, 9:40 - 10:55 in MK 406

Registration Issues

The size of this class has been capped at 30. I would love to have exactly 30 students. Unlike last year, registration will go to the first 30 students to register. I may allow 35 in, figuring that a few will drop. If you aren't allowed to register, you may want to come to class and squat, and I'll probably let you in.

I am happy to have anyone sit in this class, unregistered. Every year, we have a few students who come to every class, unregistered.


This class has four goals:
  1. To teach you more algorithms.
  2. To give you more practice with problem solving via computer programming.
  3. To teach you some alternative programming paradigms, and explore how the memory hierarchy affects the programs that you write.
  4. To give you practice in presenting topics in computer science.



This is a lecture class, which will have programming assignments and presentations. Class attendance will be mandatory.