Making a truncated octrahedron

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The truncated octrahedron has six square faces and eight hexagonal faces. There are 24 vertices at which one square and two hexagonal faces meet. It has 36 edges. 12 of these edges are hexagon (he--he) modules, and the remaining 24 are square/hexagon hybrid (sq--he) modules.

6 square faces, 8 hexagonal faces. 36 modules: 12 he--he, 24 sq--he. This works nicely with two colors -- all the sq--he modules are one, and all the he--he are another. Or you can use three colors, evenly divided so that opposite squares are the same color (and all edges in a square are the same color), and modules connecting two squares are of the third color.

These are very stable polyhedrons.

The truncated octrahedron

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