AYSO Soccer -- March 10, 2007

It was a win -- something like 5-0, 6-0 or 7-0. The keepers didn't touch the ball in the second half, I think.

I've gotten between 10 and 15 shots of each player. Use a text search to find photos of just one player.

All the pictures here are small so that they download quickly to your computer. If you want the high resolution copies, send me email with the picture names (like "IMG_5102"), and I will mail you the big copies. I'll mail you as many as you want -- it's not a problem. Or if you want me to simply burn a disc for you of all the high-resolution images, let me know. The high resolution copies should make excellent prints (as long as the original picture is in focus, which is sometimes a challenge with lots of moving bodies in the frame). My guess is that they'd blow up well to 16x20 if you want.

Enjoy -- Jim Plank: plank@cs.utk.edu

I'll start with my top picture of each player (just my opinion).

IMG_5540: Corinne

IMG_5598: Elyse

IMG_5535: Elizabeth

IMG_5218: Emily

IMG_5537: Glenn

IMG_5486: Katie

IMG_5418: Lauren

IMG_5132: Mackenzi

IMG_5322: R.J.

IMG_5565: Rachel

IMG_5403: Samantha

IMG_5646: Taylor

IMG_5126: Zoe

And here are all the pictures in chronological order:

IMG_5080: Mackenzi

IMG_5087: Taylor

IMG_5097: Samantha

IMG_5102: Corinne

IMG_5104: R.J.

IMG_5118: R.J.

IMG_5126: Zoe

IMG_5127: Zoe

IMG_5132: Mackenzi

IMG_5133: Mackenzi

IMG_5138: R.J.

IMG_5142: Taylor

IMG_5156: Zoe

IMG_5158: Zoe

IMG_5160: Rachel

IMG_5162: Taylor

IMG_5168: Mackenzi

IMG_5169: Mackenzi

IMG_5170: Mackenzi

IMG_5172: Rachel

IMG_5173: Rachel

IMG_5176: Rachel

IMG_5178: Zoe

IMG_5182: R.J.

IMG_5192: Elizabeth

IMG_5202: R.J.

IMG_5210: R.J.

IMG_5217: Lauren

IMG_5218: Emily

IMG_5221: Elyse

IMG_5229: Elizabeth

IMG_5232: Elizabeth

IMG_5238: Parents

IMG_5251: R.J.

IMG_5253: R.J.

IMG_5255: R.J.

IMG_5258: R.J.

IMG_5259: R.J.

IMG_5260: Katie

IMG_5265: Lauren

IMG_5266: Lauren

IMG_5275: Rachel

IMG_5276: Zoe

IMG_5278: Elyse

IMG_5300: Katie

IMG_5314: Rachel

IMG_5315: Corinne

IMG_5320: Elyse

IMG_5322: R.J.

IMG_5324: Mackenzi

IMG_5325: Zoe

IMG_5327: Corinne

IMG_5331: Zoe

IMG_5333: Zoe

IMG_5336: Rachel

IMG_5337: Zoe

IMG_5345: Katie

IMG_5346: Elyse

IMG_5348: Katie

IMG_5349: Katie

IMG_5350: Elizabeth

IMG_5353: Samantha

IMG_5355: Samantha

IMG_5356: Samantha

IMG_5358: Samantha

IMG_5359: Samantha

IMG_5361: Samantha

IMG_5362: Samantha

IMG_5364: Rachel

IMG_5365: Elyse

IMG_5367: Elyse

IMG_5371: R.J.

IMG_5373: Samantha

IMG_5376: Corinne

IMG_5379: Samantha

IMG_5382: Zoe

IMG_5385: Elyse

IMG_5386: Mackenzi

IMG_5387: Mackenzi

IMG_5388: Mackenzi

IMG_5389: Zoe

IMG_5390: Rachel

IMG_5397: Corinne

IMG_5398: Taylor

IMG_5402: Samantha

IMG_5403: Samantha

IMG_5406: Rachel

IMG_5412: Elizabeth

IMG_5413: Lauren

IMG_5414: Lauren

IMG_5416: Lauren

IMG_5418: Lauren

IMG_5423: Lauren

IMG_5424: Lauren

IMG_5425: Elizabeth

IMG_5426: Elizabeth

IMG_5442: Elizabeth

IMG_5447: Lauren

IMG_5458: Corinne

IMG_5459: Corinne

IMG_5460: Corinne

IMG_5462: Katie

IMG_5467: Elizabeth

IMG_5470: Taylor

IMG_5472: Elizabeth

IMG_5473: Elizabeth

IMG_5475: Emily

IMG_5479: Katie

IMG_5486: Katie

IMG_5494: Lauren

IMG_5495: Lauren

IMG_5512: Glenn

IMG_5516: Rachel

IMG_5520: Rachel

IMG_5521: Taylor

IMG_5528: Emily

IMG_5529: Emily

IMG_5531: Taylor

IMG_5534: Taylor

IMG_5535: Elizabeth

IMG_5536: Elizabeth

IMG_5537: Glenn

IMG_5540: Corinne

IMG_5544: Elyse

IMG_5548: Katie

IMG_5549: Emily

IMG_5552: Mackenzi

IMG_5554: Taylor

IMG_5562: Elyse

IMG_5565: Rachel

IMG_5571: Parents

IMG_5572: Taylor

IMG_5576: Elyse

IMG_5580: Mackenzi

IMG_5583: Lauren

IMG_5595: Glenn

IMG_5598: Elyse

IMG_5602: Elyse

IMG_5609: Corinne

IMG_5613: Taylor

IMG_5616: Taylor

IMG_5618: Emily

IMG_5619: Emily

IMG_5620: Emily

IMG_5627: Mackenzi

IMG_5629: Emily

IMG_5630: Emily

IMG_5631: Emily

IMG_5642: Katie

IMG_5643: Katie

IMG_5644: Katie

IMG_5646: Taylor

IMG_5648: Zoe

IMG_5649: Zoe

IMG_5650: Katie

IMG_5651: Katie

IMG_5652: Emily

IMG_5655: Emily

IMG_5660: Corinne

IMG_5674: Corinne

IMG_5687: Glenn

IMG_5688: Glenn

IMG_5692: Glenn

IMG_5695: Glenn

IMG_5697: Glenn