SMAC Final Game against Bearden

It was a tough game, with Bearden basically dominating play early. A long run by Alex followed by a score by Sparky gave Maryville an early lead, but the rest of the first half was spent with Bearden holding the field advantage, and scoring once on a penalty kick (3 pts), and once on steal. The halftime score -- Bearden 10, Maryville 5.

However, after the half, Maryville turned the tables. Sparky again scored on the right side, then Jeff on the left side, and a final insurance try (I had to leave briefly, so I am not sure who scored the final try).

Final score: Maryville 20, Bearden 10.

I haven't made up a captioned team picture yet -- I will, but I'm going to wait until the State Tournament to see how we do.

  • DSCF1045
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  • Description: A shot of the crowd, and the injured Forrest, before the game.

  • DSCF1051
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  • Description: Ryan, catching a pass and about to run into the fray.

  • DSCF1052
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  • Description: Bearden had a scrappy scrum-half, to liked to scream during plays. He's silent here, as Jeff prepares to tackle.

  • DSCF1059
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  • Description: There's Scrappy, yelling at Jeff, who appears to be preparing to stiff-arm.

  • DSCF1064
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  • Description: Some fuzzy second-half pictures. Jeff has shed a tackler with a stiff arm, but it certainly appears he'll be going down soon.

  • DSCF1068
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  • Description: Jeff and T.J. celebrate Jeff's try to put Maryville ahead, 15-10.

  • DSCF1069
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  • Description: Is this photographic evidence of Sparky passing the ball? We'll never know...

  • DSCF1073
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  • Description: Nearing the end of the game, Sparky brings down a hairy Bearden player. You can see that the field position has shifted at this point to favor the Rebels.

  • DSCF1074
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  • Description: Game over -- an impromptu team photo without Charlie.