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In this paragraph there are some short-cut links to items about myself. You can look at my: present personal data, a summary of my childhood and early education, my career preparation education, my career experience, and my current activities, and hobbies.

My wife's cousin does Language Study Abroad, you may enjoy visiting that homepage.


A new hobby of mine is bells. Click this link to visit Ray's bell site.


At our home, we are very blessed with a backyard full of nature's wonders.

Here, is a "crestless" Cardinal. A bird expert has told us that the Cardinal has the ability to raise or lower its crest. He said that this one apparently feels no need to raise its crest here at our feeder.


This is a picture of Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird, bathing just outside our window.

Would you believe that the other evening we looked out to see this handsome creature, only about 10 feet from our window? It is a Barred Owl. We have heard them and occasionally seen them from a distance, but this was a rare reward, don't you think?


Night creatures sometimes visit our back deck hoping for bird suet. An unusually brave Raccoon came in daylight the other day


Now, here is a story that you may not believe, at first.

Some years ago, we discovered a large hollow tree in our woods. That tree was the nesting site of a family of Pileated Woodpeckers. After a while, the tree fell, and I saved the part of it in which the pileated nestlings once lived. I hauled that tree section to our yard and propped it up against our clothesline pole. Then one afternoon, I looked out the window and took the picture that you see here. It shows two young pileated woodpeckers, examining that section of the tree. Do you suppose that they once lived there? See the hole, just to the right of the upper-most pileated? Was that their nest hole?



This is an endeavor in which both my wife and I take great pleasure.


One of the joys of Genealogy is remembering our ancestors. Here is a picture of Helen's mother Pauline, as a young "working girl" enjoying a dish of ice-cream on a day of relaxation. Her family also has had extensive genealogical effort expended by Bill Urban, a professor at Monmouth College.

We both are searching for our ancestors. If you are interested in the genealogy of either the O'Kane family, or the Adams/Hudson families, please look at the family tree links below.

Helen's O'Kane relatives, or her cousin's site:

Ron O'Kane's site that contains a narrative of the family history and a link to an O'Kane ancestral chart.

Ray's Adams/Hudson genealogy chart is available from this site.

Some of my ancestors came from the Isle of Man. Here is a link to an interesting Manx site.


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Also, for your further knowledge, this WebSite, with pride, was MadeWithMac



Isn't this a good picture of my wife Helen? It was taken on Mothers' day 2000.

Wedding Pic

The year 2000 was our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Here is how we looked on our wedding day.

Here is a picture of Helen and me, recently.


And here below, are pictures of our adopted cats. We named the one on the left Shadow but she really doesn't answer to that, so we call her "Kitty" or "Princess". The one on the right is a male, called "Boots" for obvious reasons. They are both good hunters with sharp claws.

Above is a recent picture of our two daughters, our elder daughter's two boys, and Helen and me

You may want to learn some more about our family. We are very proud of our three children.

For some pictures of our daughter Paula's family, click here.

Views of our daughter Julia's house and environs, click here.

For some pictures of our son Roger's family, click here.

This Page will probably always be Under Construction....

Personal Data

My birthday is in April

I was born in Denver, Colorado, where I lived until leaving home for college. This is a recent picture of the house I grew up in (more than 50 years ago). I was born in the upstairs front bedroom (I was told). My own room (that I occupied with my hobbies) is the one on the right, upstairs. I remember practicing my rope-climbing and wall-scaling skills out that upstairs window (sometimes at night).

My parents taught me the value of taking responsibility which was enhanced by the people to whom I sold magazine subscriptions and for whom I mowed lawns for spending money.

My Cub-Scout Den-Mother gave me invaluable advice. She said, "Two Heads Are Better Than One - Even If One Is A Cabbage-Head."

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Childhood Education

I attended public schools in Denver, Colorado. Elementary Schools attended were Beach Court & Columbia

Jr. High School attendance was at Skinner Jr. High, where I was in the mixed chorus and the marching band. My favorite teacher was Frederick W. Schultz - Band/Orchestra Teacher)

My High School was North Denver High School. I was in the Physics Club, the Math Club, and the A-Cappella Choir. I also served on the Sound Crew (Audio for auditorium programs)

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Career Education

I was graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics

Later, after starting work at Oak Ridge, TN, I attended graduate courses at night, and was awarded the Master of Science degree from the University of Tennessee. My major was Engineering Science. My minor was Electrical Engineering.

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Career Experience

From 1951 to 1953, I worked in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, at the K-25 (Gaseous Diffusion) Plant, in the Instrument Engineering Department.

From 1954 to 1986, I worked at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in the Instrumentation and Controls Division. Alas, in 2001, the Instrumentation and Controls Division - at one time, the largest centralised Measurement and Controls organization in the world, was disbanded.

From 1986 to 1994, I taught Electrical Engineering at the University of Tennessee.

From 1983 to 1997, I was engaged in Engineering Consultation, including service as a Technical Expert (including Special Master) in Intellectual Property legal matters, primarily with the firm, Pitts and Brittian, Patent Attorneys in Knoxville, Tn.

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Current Activities

from 1994 - 2000, I was a member of the Board of Directors of Friends of ORNL and the Secretary for the Board for two years.

Go to the FORNL Homepage

More recently, I was chairmen of the Communications committee of our church, the First United Methodist Church of Oak Ridge. If you are wondering about the clock that keeps chasing the cursor around on this page, I got this code from a forwarded message from a friend. Similar clocks may be found at: http://javascript.internet.com/clocks/silly-clock.html Look at the FUMC Web site.

Earlier, I worked with the Oak Ridge Institute for Continued Learning (ORICL). This institute seeks to offer learning opportunities for "mature" learners in the vicinity of Oak Ridge. It is affiliated with Roane State Community College. Here (below) is a link to the ORICL homepage.

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It seems that I have enjoyed singing in choirs and choruses forever. Presently, I enjoy membership in our church choir (First United Methodist of Oak Ridge) of about 45 well practiced voices with an excellent director, and a fine organist/pianist.

Take a look at this fine choir!

I used to do a lot more woodworking

and sailboating than I have recently done. I thought I would be on the lake more in the future, but I sold my sailboat. I used to sail a "One Design" dingy called a Windmill. For a good look at exciting dingy sailing take a look at this Windmill sailing site.

I have discovered that music composing/arranging, in which I employ the computer for notation and voicing, grants me great satisfaction.

My wife recently challenged me to do some cooking. It indeed is a challenge, that might very well become more fulfilling as I get more practice.

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I would like to hear from you - especially if you have enjoyed visiting my homepage.

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