COSC 4/594 -- Cloud & Edge Computing -- Fall 2023

Class Time: 10:20 - 11:10 am MWF
Classroom: MKB 406

Instructor: Micah Beck


Some assignments given from this book

Reading Assignments

Date Assignment
8/25 C.S. Peirce: Letter to Marquand dated 30 Dec 1886
Shannon: A symbolic analysis of relay and switching circuits
9/3 von Neumann: Building Reliability
Hillis: Why Computer Science Is No Good
9/7 Distributing The News: UUCP to UUNET
9/20 Peterson & Davie Ch. 3 (Internetworking)
9/22 Peterson & Davie Ch. 5 (End-to-end protocols)
Design of TCP/IP (Cerf & Reed)
Sending a Jeep home
Johhny Cash, "One Piece At a Time"
9/25 End-to-End Arguments In System Design
On The Hourglass Model
Network Address Translation
9/27 Hoare Logic
Modal Logic
10/11 How We Ruined The Internet
Peterson & Davie 4.3 Multicast
10/13 Peer-to-Peer Applications
10/20 Active Networking
Active Networking and End-to-End Arguments
History of Internet2
10/27 Disruption/Delay Tolerant Networking
DTN Tutotial
Content Centric Networking
A Survey of ICN
10/30 Extensible Internet
Prisoners of Our Own Device
The End-to-End Arguments vs. the Brave New World
11/1 Remote Visualization by Browsing Image Based Databases with Logistical Networking
Dynamic Sharing of Large-Scale Visualization
11/10 Grid Computing
Grid Examples
11/27 Map Reduce Tutorial
Map Reduce
11/29 Basic Broadband
Presentation on BB (starts @22:30)
AWS Snowball
12/1 Peterson & Davie Ch 4.1 (BGP)

Homework Assignments

Issues for students to address

  1. The purpose of computer networking is not telecommunication.
  2. Application-to-application communication is an unnecessary source of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
  3. Universal connectivity between all pairs of Internet endpoints is neither natural nor nnecessarily desirable.
  4. Overlay networks extend the Internetworking layer (Layer 3)
  5. Interoperability at Layer 2 can support mulitple modes of distributed work
  6. Aggregate data at large scale has no exact location.
  7. TCP is not a reliable data transport protocol
  8. It may be impossible to make broadband Internet service universal
  9. Low latency is not necessary for high bandwidth communication.
  10. Storage, networking and processing are not distinct technological categories.

Topics (Under revision!)

Course Requirements and Grading (Under revision!)