LSI-related Software Links

(Updated 11/27/2014)

See AR Greenhouse for Telcordia Technologies LSI Demo (sh / csh / C)

SVDPACK/SVDPACKC libraries for sparse SVD via Netlib (Fortran 77 or ANSI C)

MC Toolkit and spkmeans (clustering) by Inderjit Dhillon at the Univ. of Texas (C++, Solaris).

SVDLIBC Revision of Lanczos SVD from SVDPACKC by Doug Rhode (MIT)

SenseClusters Word Sense Discrimination system at Univ. of Minnesota

InfoVis CyberInfrastructure Repository at Indiana University/SLIS (Katy Borner)

Text to Matrix Generator (TMG) by D. Zeimpekis and S. Gallopoulos at Univ. of Patras, Greece (Matlab)

CLUTO Family of Data Clustering Software Tools by the Karypis Lab at the Univ. of Minnesota (Download)

GUP GTP Usability Prototype (developed by F. Brouns, Open University of the Netherlands, 2006))

PhP Lsa PhP LSA Extension for small-scale LSA experiments (developed by Wim van der Vegt, Open University of the Netherlands, 2009)

Tensorlab: a MATLAB toolbox for tensor computations and decompositions and
Complex Optimization Toolbox: a MATLAB toolbox for optimization of complex variables
by Lieven De Lathauwer, Laurent Sorber , Marc Van Barel (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Overview - an open-source tool for journalists to text-mine a large number of pdf files