hencon - control the Henon system with the OGY control law


       hencon -help
       hencon [-points integer]  [-on1  integer]  [-off  integer]
              [-on2  integer]  [-skip  integer]  [-seed  integer]
              [-plimit double] [-A double]  [-B  double]  [-gauss


       Control  the Henon system, x(t+1) = A - x(t)^2 + B * x(t -
       1), with the OGY control law for arbitrary  choices  of  A
       and  B.   The control law is analytically calculated based
       on the system parameters.  The user can  select  times  in
       which control is turned on and off so that time-to-control
       and transients can be observed.  Gaussian noise  can  also
       be  injected  into the system.  The control timing options
       are constrained to obey  (0  <=  on1  <=  off  <=  on2  <=


       -points integer
              The length of the time series.

       -on1 integer
              Where to turn control on.

       -off integer
              Where to turn control off.

       -on2 integer
              Where to turn control on again.

       -skip integer
              Amount to skip initially.

       -seed integer
              Random seed.

       -plimit double
              Largest allowed size for p.

       -A double
              Value of the A parameter.

       -B double
              Value of the B parameter.

       -gauss double
              Magnitude of Gaussian noise.


       Few  sanity  checks are performed to make sure that any of
       the options make sense.


       Copyright (c) 1997, Gary William Flake.

       Permission granted for any use according to  the  standard
       GNU ``copyleft'' agreement provided that the author's com-
       ments are neither modified nor removed.   No  warranty  is
       given or implied.

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