Evolution, Jung, and Theurgy:

IV. Some Implications for Neoplatonism

  1. The Genome as an Eternal Form
  2. The Primal Nous and the Noetic Order
  3. Individual Variation
  4. The Demiurge and the Noeric Order
  5. The World Soul and  Individual Souls
  6. Whether the Soul Descends Completely
  7. The Impassivity of the Gods
  8. Complexes as Daimôns
  9. Possession and Projection
  10. The Οἰκεῖοι Δαίμονες (Personal Daimôns)
  11. The Higher Self
  12. The Anima and Animus as Psychopomps
  13. Which “Ideas” or “Forms” are Archetypal?
  14. The Evolving Archetypes
  15. Are the Gods Good?
  16. Who are the Gods?
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