Bruce MacLennan's Research Program

Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible.
- Edwin Land

Other Research Aphorisms

* Emergent Computation
* Connectionism
* Other Research - Updated!

Emergent Computation

Emergent Computation is computation that exploits the self-organizing, collective, competitive, and cooperative phenomena arising from the interaction of large numbers of units obeying local dynamical laws.

More briefly, emergent computation is the study of how high-level representation and processing of information can emerge from the interactions of large numbers of simple processors. The term "emergent computation" was coined by Stephanie Forrest, though the preceding definitions are my own.

My emergent computation research is concentrated in three areas:


Connectionism is an approach to artificial intelligence and cognitive modeling based on the use of simplified neural network models.

My connectionist research is concentrated in three overlapping areas:

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