Power Electronic Circuits

ECE 482: Spring 2014


  • (1/22) Friday lecture will be replaced with additional lab time
  • (12/21) Tomorrow's lab session will start following a brief lecture in MK406 on the basics of power converter layout and transistor drive circuits
  • (12/27)Thank you to E-bikeKit for supplying many of the electric bicycle parts we will be using in the lab experiments, including the direct drive, rear-wheel hub motors.
  • (12/27) Website is under construction, please check back often.

This is the second in the two-course sequence in power electronics design. This course is a design-oriented introduction to the analysis, design, modeling, and testing of power electronics systems in the context of a real electric vehicle system. Through practical laboratory experiments, students are guided through the fabrication of the multiple switched-mode power converters as well as associated analog and digital control systems necessary to realize a functioning, sub-kW electric vehicle. Specific systems include a bidirectional DC-DC converter and motor drive inverter which are designed using standard power electronics analysis techniques. The course culminates with a design exposition/competition of the constructed vehicles.

Prerequisites are ECE481 – Power Electronics and the completion of an undergraduate course sequence in circuit analysis and design.

Course meets twice weekly, consisting of one lecture and one lab session.

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