High Frequency Power Electronics

ECE 581: Fall 2014


  • (10/23) Problem 1, part F on homework 6 has been removed. Extra credit will be given for any attempt already made which is turned in.
  • (10/21) Problem 1, homework 6 solution contains a calculation error relating to the inductor current. This has been noted on the solution file
  • (9/3) Homework 2 has been updated. On problem 2, q was previously missing from the definition of Qtot
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This course addresses the motivations and inherent design issues associated with high frequency switched mode power supply design. Origins and dependencies of frequency dependent losses will be reviewed, with specific emphasis on potential design approaches which reduce energy loss and facilitate high frequency operation. Resonance, and its application to power converter will be discussed. Students will learn steady-state and dynamic modeling techniques which allow the analysis and design of converters containing significant resonant intervals, for which traditional small ripple assumptions do not hold.

Prerequisites are ECE481 – Power Electronics and the completion of an undergraduate course sequence in circuit analysis and design.

Course meets three times weekly