CS361: Operating System

Jian Huang — Spring 2012

EECS | University of Tennessee - Knoxville

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Professor: Jian Huang



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Textbook, Course Notes and Additional Reading Material

For this course, we use:

Virtually any edition of this book would work. The version usually carried by bookstore is quite expensive. You can easily find much cheaper options through various online retailers. New, used, hardcopy, papercopy, binder versions would all be fine. International student edition works too.

I will try to write comprehensive notes and put those online as done in my other courses. A major part of this course is to teach core issues and principles involved in designing a modern operating system, due to that I will have to use the white board quite extensively for comparing design alternatives. Those will not be in my online notes. As before I will not take attendance, it is your responsibility to take good notes, and in the event of missing a class, talk to your classmates to catch up on notes.

Although today's computer science as a whole look extremely diverse, actually most of what we do can be traced back to a few roots. Operating system is one of those, a very important one too. Being innovative is always important and highly prized, but not knowing our past in many cases ensures that we will reinvent the wheels poorly. Also without knowing about the history, one would have a difficult time to fully appreciate how a successful solution came about. Google books has Computerworld dating back to 1969 at the following URL. By sampling over those past issues of Computerworld, we will together get an exposure of our community's past.


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