CS452 -- Computer Graphics

Jian Huang --- Spring 2023

Professor: Jian Huang

Teaching Assistant:

Class: TR 11:20AM - 12:35AM, MK524


Need to have good programming skills in C or C++ (either one); be comfortable with matrices and matrix multiplication (basic linear algebra). Have knowledge about basic system software design and development, as well as basic computer architecture.


The optional text book is: OpenGL Programming Guide (7th Ed or newer), Addison-Wesley Professional.

Another reference books that you can consider:


This course does not have a set lab session. Lab assignments are to be completed on your own time. Our GTA will be available to help you as much as needed, we prefer that you reach the TA through electronic means (e.g. skype) such that you get your questions taken care of as early as possible.

Two things to note.

Lab Submission

All submissions are directly through git. All lab assignments are due by midnight of an announced date (usually on a Wednesday).

Grading Policy

  • Three lab assignments: 10 + 15 + 20 points
  • Midterm: 25 points
  • Final project: 30 points
  • Class Participation: 5 points extra credit

    Note: You must have finished all lab assignments before the start of the final exam. Otherwise, your final grade will be an automatic "F". The definition of finish is "to have achieved 60% credit for an assignment".

    Late Submission Penalty and a One-Time Waiver

    If you happen to have missed the dealine of an assignment, you should always still submit it. We assess a 20% penalty for each day that you have missed the deadline. Every student is entitled to a waiver of late submission penalty for one lab assignment throughout the semester. For example, Frodo has too many other obligations when Lab3 is due. Not being able to finish Lab3 before the announced deadline, Frodo chooses to submit his Lab3 two weeks late and use his only penalty waiver to still receive full credit for Lab3. Frodo also understands that for all subsequent lab assignments, he does not have this benefit any more. Please always save this waiver for a truly needy scenario.

    Academic Misconduct

    All lab assignments and exams must be completed on your own. Discussions are encouraged, but each student is expected to undertake all intellectual exercises without any compromise. The following are a few examplary scenarios that we hope will not take place this semester: