CS452 -- Computer Graphics

Jian Huang


All labs are due by midnight (11:59PM) on the due date. No exceptions can be made, unless an extension was given via the class mailing list or compelling reasons such as significant illness exist. Late submissions incur 10% penalty per day.

All lab assignments must be completed to a degree deserving more than 60% credit, be it a late submission or not, for a student to pass this course. If a student fails to meet this requirement by the time final exam is held, the student automatically fails this course.

Every student is allowed one late lab submission during the entire semester. This is meant for situations out of your control but do not qualify for exceptions. Use it wisely!

Lab 1 -- Basic WebGL2 Due: March 2 Early Bonus (15%): Feb. 27
Lab 2 -- Shading and basic GLSL Due: March 23 Early Bonus (15%): March 20
Lab 3 -- Texture mapping in GLSL Due: April 13 Early Bonus (15%): April 10
Final Project Due: May 11 Early Bonus (30%): May 8

You are required to use git for all lab assignments. Git is an industry standard way of maintaining source code and using it allows a much more professional way of software development, testing and documentation.