Courses taught

(S=spring; F=fall; V=summer)

CS112 Data Structures: F95, S96.
CS140 Data Structures and Algorithms I: S06, S07, S08, F11, F12, F13, F14, F15, F16, F17.

CS111 Computer Organization: F91, F94, S95, F97, S98.
CS160 Computer Organization: F98, S99, F00, S00, F01, F02, F04, F05, F07, F09, F10, F11, F12, S14. CS130 Computer Organization: F16.

CS302 Fundamental Algorithms: S09, S10, S11.
CS302 Data Structures and Algorithms II: S12, S13, S14, S15, S16, S17, S18.

ECE313 Probability Theory and Random Variables: F09, F10.

CS340 Software Engineering: S12.

CS360 Systems Programming: S92, S93.

CS420/CS551 Pattern Analysis: F92, F93, S95, F97, S02.
ECE471/571 Pattern Recognition: S10, S11.

CS420/CS552 Image Analysis: F94, S97, S99, F03, S05.
ECE472/572 Digital Image Processing: F18.

CS594 Advanced String Matching: S93;
CS594 Grammatical Inference: V93;
CS594 Image Registration: F95, S14;
CS594 Image Reconstruction: S98, S01, S03, S07, S08, S09, F09, S10;
CS594 Markov Random Fields: F93.

CS650 Bayesian Image Restoration: V94;
CS650 Image Recovery: F95;
CS650 Wavelet Transformations: S95.
CS650 Image Reconstruction: V12, S15, S17.

CS690 Parallel and Distributed Computation: S94, F94;
CS690 Information Theory: S94.