Graduate Student Advising

Ball Current students:

Joe Raetano, "System for intelligent vehicle analysis", PhD.

Elijah Berberette, "Leveraging AI to detect extravasation in PET/CT data", MS.

Ball Former students:

Bob Harris, "Approximate string matching with pumping", MS, 1993.

Fernando Rannou, "Equilateral polygonal approximation of closed contours", MS, 1993.

John Gerber, "A dynamically allocating piecewise linear neural network", MS, 1994.

Dean Huff, "A focus-of-attention based EM algorithm for PET image reconstruction", MS, 1995.

Tim Martin, "Recursive hash trees", MS, 1995.

Joel Reed, "Markov network modeling and recognition of closed contours", MS, 1995.

Soeren Olesen, "Parallel PET reconstruction by EM iteration with reduced processor communications", PhD, 1996 (co-advisor with M.G. Thomason).

Eric Richardson, "A shortest common supersequence approach to error correcting parsing with regular grammars", MS, 1996.

Greg Wrobel, "Interpolation and registration of medical image volumes from multiple modalities", MS, 1996.

Fernando Rannou, "Iterative reconstruction of three-dimensional magnetic resonance images from boron data", PhD, 1998.

John McNeely, "Data compression schemes for distributed EM-ML computation," MS, 1998.

Bill Deane, "Computational aspects of the EM-ML algorithm for PET reconstruction," MS (pilot), 1998.

James McGreger, "Point based registration of laser-range images", MS, 1998.

Brian Beech, "Automated GIS processing of remotely sensed images", MS (pilot), 1999.

Girish Gvalani, "Algorithmic scatter correction for PET reconstruction", MS, 1999.

Irina Kolesnikova, "Communications software for distributed computing", MS (pilot), 1999.

Joshua Cates, "Conebeam reconstruction algorithms for the MicroCAT scanner", MS, 1999.

Zhenqiu Liu, "Statistical characterization of Markov models", MS (pilot), 2002.

Victor Pimentel De Cerqueira, "Graphical user interface for malicious mobile code fingerprinting", MS, 2003.

Thomas Benson, "Iterative reconstruction framework for high-resolution CT data", MS, 2003.

Geoff Mazeroff, "Probabilistic suffix models for malicious mobile code fingerprinting", MS, 2004.

Noel Black, "Monte Carlo based scatter correction for micro-CT", MS, 2005.

Thomas Benson, "Iterative reconstruction for x-ray micro-CT", PhD, 2006.

Dave Beck, "Multiple resolution nonparametric classifiers", MS, 2006.

Mark Lenox, "Iterative transmission image reconstruction for the DPET positron emission tomograph", PhD, 2009. Ron Nutt Fellow.

Marc Rubin, "Neural network based music analysis" MS, 2009.

Joshua Marlow, "Volume estimation of brain aneurysms using an iPhone", MS, 2010.

Jason Frank, "Web-based user interface for image reconstruction software", MS, 2011.

Daniel Henderson, "GPU implementation of matrix kernel for iterative reconstruction of x-ray and neutron CT images", MS, 2012.

Lloyd Arrowood, "An investigation of Markov Random Fields for Bayesian reconstruction of single photon emission computed tomography", PhD, 2013.

Doug Slater, "Medical robot simulator", MS, 2014.

Sanghyeb (Sam) Lee, "Monte Carlo simulation and corrections for micro-SPECT", PhD, 2015. Ron Nutt Fellow.

Warren de Wit, "Visualization of multi-resolution data", MS, 2015.

Yawei Hui, "GPU-accelerated distributed calculation of phylogenetic distances among genomes", MS, 2015.

Shiqi Zhong, "Web interface for GATE", MS, 2016.

Ryan Wagner, "A GPU implementation of distance driven computed tomography", MS, 2017.

Angel Kodituwakku, "InSight2: Network analysis from Argus flowdata", MS, 2017.

J.T. Liso, "Tensor based monitoring of large scale network traffic", MS, 2018.

Gregory Rouleau, "Transport code simulations for shielded special nuclear material discrimination", MS, 2019.

William Whiteley, "Deep learning in positron emission tomography image reconstruction", PhD, 2020. Ron Nutt Fellow.

Angel Kodituwakku, "Federated agentless endpoint detection using behavioral and characteristic modeling”, PhD, 2021.

Tasmia Tumpa, "Qualitative and quantitative improvements for positron emission tomography using different motion correction methodologies", PhD, 2021. Ron Nutt Fellow.

Robert Bray, "Machine learning for robot assisting people with Alzheimer", MS, 2023.

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