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Ickp -- A Consistent Checkpointer for the iPSC/860

James S, Plank, University of Tennessee.

Kai Li, Princeton University.

Brief Description

Ickp is a library that enables users of the Intel iPSC/860 to checkpoint the execution state of their programs to disk. The major use for ickp is to provide fault-tolerance and/or coarse-grained job swapping to iPSC/860 users.

The Software

This software is available via anonymous ftp to cs.utk.edu in pub/plank/ickp/ickp.2.0.tar.Z.

Related Papers

``Performance Results of Ickp -- A Consistent Checkpointer on the iPSC/860'', Scalable High Performance Computing Conference, Knoxville, TN, May, 1994, pp. 686--693.

``Ickp -- A Consistent Checkpointer for Multicomputers, IEEE Parallel and Distributed Technologies, 2(2), Summer, 1994, pp. 62--67.