Logistical Computing and Internetworking: Middleware for the Use of Storage in Communication

Micah Beck, Dorian Arnold, Alessandro Bassi, Fran Berman, Henri Casanova, Jack Dongarra, Terence Moore, Graziano Obertelli, James S. Plank, Martin Swany, Sathish Vadhiyar, and Rich Wolski.

Third Anual International Workshop on Active Middleware Services (AMS), San Francisco, August, 2001.

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The Logistical Computing and Internetworking (LoCI) project is a reflection of the way that the next generation internetworking fundamentally changes our definition of high performance wide area computing. A key to achieving this aim is the development of middleware that can provide reliable, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective delivery of data with quality of service (QoS) guarantees to support high performance applications of all types. The LoCI effort attacks this problem with a simple but innovative strategy. At the base of the LoCI project is a richer view of the use of storage in communication and information sharing.

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