Computational Grid

``Internet Backplane Protocol : API 1.0''

Alexander Bassi, Micah Beck, James S. Plank, and Rich Wolski.

Technical Report UT-CS-00-455, University of Tennessee, March, 2001.

Available via anonymous ftp to in pub/plank/papers/CS-01-455.pdf and pub/plank/papers/


In this document, we present a description of IBP version 1.0 API. The current implementation of IBP supports only synchronized client requests; all client IBP calls will block pending completion on the server(s) side, or the expiration of the client's timeout. We present the C-language prototype of every call along with a detailed description of the data structures, success behavior and error conditions involved in that call. Failure of an IBP client call is indicated by a return value of 0 or NULL, with a special variable (IBP_errno) set to the appropriate error code.