The Logistical File System: A Network File System Designed for Scalable Resource Sharing

Alex Bassi, Micah Beck, Erika Fuentes, Terry Moore and James S. Plank,

Technical Report UT-CS-00-469, University of Tennessee, August, 2001.

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This paper describes the technologies and design ideas that underlie the Logistical File Systems (LoFS). LoFS is close to a traditional distributed file system in structure and in the class of operations it supports, but it is designed to preserve the easy deployability and scalability across the administrative boundaries that have been the pillars of the Web?s success. The leading idea behind the design of LoFS is that in order to implement a real file system that nonetheless preserves the strengths of the Internet of model resource sharing, one has to apply that model to the storage resources needed to implement file system operations, so that they are exposed and shareable to the global network. Systems that do not expose the underlying resources used to implement file system operations can implement remote access to file system operations, but they cannot distribute many important functions of the file system itself.