``The Logistical Networking Testbed''

Scott Atchley, Micah Beck Jeremy Millar, Terry Moore, James S. Plank, and Stephen Soltesz.

Technical Report CS-02-496, University of Tennessee Department of Computer Science, December, 2002.

Submitted for publication

Available via anonymous ftp to cs.utk.edu in pub/plank/papers/CS-02-496.pdf.


We describe the Logistical Networking Testbed, built using the Network Storage Stack, and sample applications that use the testbed. The testbed uses the Network Storage Stack, developed at the University of Tennessee, which allows for flexible sharing and utilization of writable storage as a network resource. The sample applications include content delivery, multimedia streaming, overlay routing, data staging, checkpointing, and an integrated example. This networking testbed provides over 10 TB of shared storage that is available to all for research.

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