Jerasure: A Library in C/C++ Facilitating Erasure Coding for Storage Applications

Version 1.2

James S. Plank,
Scott Simmerman,
Catherine D. Schuman

August 20, 2008

Technical Report UT-CS-08-627
Department of Computer Science
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996

This technical report contains the description and user's guide of the library in CS-08-627.pdf and a tar file of the code in Jerasure-1.2.tar.


This paper descibes version 1.2 of Jerasure: a library in C/C++ that supports erasure coding in storage applications. In this paper, we describe both the techniques and algorithms, plus the interface to the code. Thus, this serves as a quasi-tutorial and a programmer's guide.

Version 1.2 adds Blaum-Roth and Liber8tion coding to the library, provides better examples, and an example file encoder/decoder. Additionally, it removes a bug from the previous writeup: the packetsize must be a multiple of sizeof(long). It does not have to be a multiple of w.

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