Deploying Fault Tolerance and Task Migration with NetSolve

James S. Plank, Henri Casanova, Micah Beck, and Jack Dongarra.

Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 15, 1999, pages 745 - 755. Elsevier.


Computational power grids are computing environments with massive resources for processing and storage. While these resources may be pervasive, harnessing them is a major challenge for the average user. NetSolve is a software environment that addresses this concern. A fundamental feature of NetSolve is its integration of fault-tolerance and task migration in a way that is transparent to the end user. In this paper, we discuss how NetSolve's structure allows for the seamless integration of fault-tolerance and migration in grid applications, and present the specific approaches that have been and are currently being implemented within NetSolve.

I do not have a copy of this paper online. However, I have the original submission in PostScript here (anonymous ftp to in pub/plank/papers/

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