Logistical Networking Research and the Network Storage Stack

James S. Plank, Micah Beck, and Terry Moore.

Work-in-progress report, FAST 2002, Conference on File and Storage Technologies, January, 2002, USENIX.

Available at http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/plank/papers/Fast02.pdf.


Over the past few years, the Logistical Computing and Iinternetworking (LoCI) project at the University of Tennessee has been demonstrating the power of Logistical Networking in distributed and wide-area settings. Logistical Networking takes the rather unconventional view that storage can be used to augment data transmission as part of a unified network resource framework, rather than simply being a network-attached resource. The adjective ``logistical'' is meant to evoke an analogy with military and industrial networks for the movement of material which requires the coscheduling of long haul transportation, storage depots and local transportation as coordinate elements of a single infrastructure.

The motivation for Logistical Networking and demonstrations of its utility have been documented elsewhere. This work-in-progress report presents a concept called the Network Storage Stack and details the state of research centered around it.

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