The Internet Backplane Protocol: Storage in the Network

James S. Plank, Micah Beck, Wael Elwasif, Terence Moore, Martin Swany, and Rich Wolski.

NetStore '99: Network Storage Symposium, Internet2, Seattle, WA, October, 1999.

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The journal version of this paper is: "Managing Data Storage in the Network." Please cite that paper in preference to this one.


For distributed and network applications, efficient management of program state is critical to performance and functionality. To support domain- and application-specific optimization of data movement, we have developed the Internet Backplane Protocol (IBP) for controlling storage that is implemented as part the network fabric itself. IBP allows an application to control intermediate data staging operations explicitly as data is communicated between processes. As such, the application can exploit locality and manage scarce buffer resources effectively. In this paper, we discuss the development of IBP, the implementation of a prototype system for managing network storage, and a preliminary deployment as part of the Internet-2 Distributed Storage Initiative.

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