An End-to-End Approach to Globally Scalable Network Storage

Micah Beck, Terry Moore, and James S. Plank.

ACM SIGCOMM 2002 Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, August, 2002.

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This paper discusses the application of end-to-end design principles, which are characteristic of the architecture of the Internet, to network storage. While putting storage into the network fabric may seem to contradict end-to-end arguments, we try to show not only that there is no contradiction, but also that adherence to such an approach is the key to achieving true scalability of shared network storage. After discussing end-to-end arguments with respect to several properties of network storage, we describe the Internet Backplane Protocol and the exNode, which are tools that have been designed to create a network storage substrate that adheres to these principles. The name for this approach is Logistical Networking, and we believe its use is fundamental to the future of truly scalable communication.

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