If You Want Me To Make Prints For You

I have had a few requests from parents to make prints from my sports pictures, so I have signed up with a professional printing company to make the highest quality prints that I can. They can make a wide variety of sizes, including 30-inches by anything -- 15 feet if you want.

I'll charge the following for prints of my pictures.

Photo Size Price for a print
4 X 6 $1.00
5 X 7 $2.00
8 X 10 $5.00
11 X 14 $8.00
16 X 20 $24.00
20 X 30 $32.00
30 X 45 $55.00

I can get other sizes printed. Let me know if you would like something other than the above.

Add $1.00 for shipping/handling (per batch of pictures, not per picture).

I know that you can get prints cheaper at Walgreens, CVS or Target -- I'm happy to send you the high-resolution JPG files so that you can do that yourself. I'm offering to get the prints for you since I have experience doing so.

What To Do

Email me the names of the pictures you want (e.g. IMG_4432) along with the sizes. I'll email you a price, and you can pay me either in person, by Paypal to plank@cs.utk.edu, or by mailing me a check. I'll order the pictures and mail them to you.

My email: plank@cs.utk.edu.

Enjoy -- Jim Plank