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Libckpt -- A Portable Checkpointer for Unix

James S, Plank, University of Tennessee.

Micah Beck, University of Tennessee.

Gerry Kingsley, University of Tennessee.

Kai Li, Princeton University.

Brief Description

Libckpt is a portable checkpointing tool for Unix. It provides a mechanism for enabling fault-tolerance for long-running programs. Libckpt implements most optimizations that have been proposed to improve the performance of checkpointing. Additionally, it implements ``user-directed'' checkpointing, a new optimization unique to Libckpt.

The Software

This software (actually the most recent revision called "clubs"), is available at:

If you try to use libckpt

Please drop me a line and let me know how it goes. I'd especially be interested in success stories -- i.e. if libckpt has benefitted your work. However, if you rejected libckpt for some reason, please let me know as well. Please send mail to

Related Papers

``Libckpt: Transparent Checkpointing under Unix'', Conference Proceedings, Usenix Winter 1995 Technical Conference, New Orleans, LA, January, 1995.