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About me

I am a PhD student under Dr. Jian Huang, a graduate research assistant at Seelab, and a hobbyist photographer.

My research focuses on designing architectures that enable moving the visualization of large data to the web eco-system and empower high-level interactions and accessibility as a result.


Tapestry: Scalable Web-Embedded Volume Rendering

Tapestry is a platform for creating web-based applications that involve large volume rendering at scale. Tapestry uses Docker and the OSPRay renderer along with a scalable architecture to take scientific visualization to the web. For more information, you can check the Github page:

Conference paper

Photo-guided exploration of volumetric data features

Motivated by the power of deep neural networks, we posed the challenge of searching in volumetric data using sample target images/photographs. In this paper, we developed a technique to do just that using a genetic algorithm and a convolutional neural network.

Conference paper

A lightweight web-viewer for OSPRay

Enchiladas is one of the components that drives the Tapestry project. It is a lightweight web-viewer built on top of our PBNJ library for the OSPRay renderer. It provides an easy to use API for showing fully interactive volume renderings to a web page.

eCamp: Visual Progression Analysis of Student Records Data

In this project we modeled and visualized progression in a complex societal system (a university campus), and told the story of choices with the insights from the data.

Conference paper

WebGL Lightsource


What would happen if you take the light source out from a scene and put it in the hands of the viewer (literally)? This was the main idea of my final project for the computer graphics course and here is a teaser gif of the results.

ThatOneLine: Annotating single lines of valuable code

thatoneline-code-annotation is a project for quickly annotating single lines of code for sharing and education.

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