COSC 4/594 -- Cloud & Edge Computing -- Fall 2022

Class Time: 1:50 pm - 2:40 pm MWF
Classroom: MKB 406

Instructor: Micah Beck


Some assignments given from this book

Reading Assignments

Date Assignment
8/24 C.S. Peirce: Letter to Marquand dated 30 Dec 1886
Shannon: A symbolic analysis of relay and switching circuits
8/26 von Neumann: Building Reliability
Hillis: Why Computer Science Is No Good
8/29 Distributing The News: UUCP to UUNET
9/2 End-to-End Arguments In System Design
On The Hourglass Model
9/11 Hoare Logic
Modal Logic
9/21 Peer-to-Peer Applications
Network Address Translation
9/23 Exposed Buffer Architecture
9/28 Data Grid
Network Weather Service
RAID Storage
10/3 Design of TCP/IP (Cerf & Reed)
Active Networking
Web Caching Heirarchy
Interplanetary Internet
10/10 Freedom and Scalable Cooperation (Reed)
Content Centric Networking
A Survey of ICN
10/12 Exposed Buffer Architecture
10/19 Peterson & Davie Ch 9.4 (Content Delivery Networks)
10/31 How CDNs Work
11/7 Grid Computing
Grid Examples
11/18 Yahoo, Alta Vista and Google
11/16 Google AdWords
11/21 Map Reduce

Homework Assignments

True or False?

  1. The purpose of computer networking is communication
  2. Packet forwarding in the wide area is necessary prudent
  3. Universal Internet connectivity is natural and desirable
  4. End-to-end algorithms maximize network scalability
  5. The Internet is stable and topologically optimized
  6. A process is the executing form of a program
  7. In Unix everything is a file
  8. Variables and data have scope or lifetime
  9. Aggregate data has a location
  10. TCP is a reliable data transport protocol
  11. A provably secure code/algorithm cannot be broken
  12. Broadband service can be made universal
  13. Low latency is necessary for high bandwidth communication
  14. Storage, networking and processing are logically distinct categories

Topics (Under revision!)

Course Requirements and Grading (Under revision!)