PhD Students

Bernard M. E. Moret, "The Representation of Discrete Functions by Decision Trees: Aspects of Complexity and Problems of Testing," Ph.D. (Elec. Engrg.) 1980 (co-advisor with R. C. Gonzalez). Dr. Moret was Professor of CS at the University of New Mexico and now is a professor at EPFL.

Robert E. England , "Clique Graph Models for Independent Computations," Ph.D. 1989. The first person to earn a PhD in the CS Dept. at UTK, Dr. England is Associate Professor of CS at Rhodes College.

James A. Whittaker, "Markov Chain Techniques for Software Testing and Reliability Analysis," Ph.D. 1992 (co-advisor with J.H. Poore). Dr. Whittaker was Professor of CS and director of Center for Software Engineering Research at Florida Tech and now is with Google (Seattle-Kirkland).

Soeren P. Olesen, "Parallel PET Reconstruction by EM Iteration with Reduced Processor Communications," Ph.D. 1996 (co-advisor with Jens Gregor). Dr. Olesen works in high-tech industry in Atlanta after his post-doc at Emory.

Henri Casanova , "Stochastic Models for Performance Analyses of Iterative Algorithms in Distributed Environments," Ph.D. 1998 (co-advisor with Jack Dongarra). Dr. Casanova was director of Grid Research and Innovation Lab, San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD, and now is at the University of Hawaii.