CS554 Markov Chains in CS, Fall 2011

Here's a pdf file of the syllabus. sylMCF11.pdf

Here're some m-files for MATLAB. MCMV.m warshall.m longterm.m

Here's some data for HMM homework: forged genuine

Here're some MATLAB p-files for PST homework. WARNING: these are not plain-text m-files but are MATLAB-encoded files you can run like m-files. FM3.p matchstep.p ElimSAP.p FCPar.p SameNode.p FCOff.p FCsORp.p RevAstr.p

ADDED 4 NOV 2011---There may be some supporting function files I still need to place here for download. Pls tell me if you get a 'missing function'-type message for any of these. CompPST computes the numerical comparison function. MCPST merges two PSTs and outputs the new PST. CompPST.p CompNodes.p ExpandIC.p FCRow.p MCPST.p MCNodes.p

ADDED 8 Nov 2011 Predict.p STRmatchPST.p CkNodes.p FindsORp.p ta.mat tb.mat tc.mat

ADDED 22 Nov 2011 im1d.mat im2d.mat im3d.mat x1.mat x2.mat x3.mat Exam3.txt