CS 411: Software Projects (listed in the catalog as Senior Thesis)

Emphasis on the design and implementation of large software projects in such areas as networking, databases,
scripting, security, parallel processing, etc. Prior courseworkmin these areas is not required.  Students can
work alone or in small groups:  different groups will typically be working in different areas--there will not be
a single set of assigned labs/projects.  We will integrate material from a variety of courses (including theory)
along with material from areas in which we may not teach regular courses.  A reasonable written portion
(documentation, etc) will also be part of the projects.

Grading:  no exams.  Grades will be based on the projects and on class participation.  may be taken S/NC or for
a letter grade.  CS 411 can count as capstone (pre-2004 catalog) only if taken for a letter grade.  This particular
411 can count as an upper-division CS elective with either form of grading.  Ms Mayo can write the necessary
petitions.  Note:  it cannot count both as a Capstone and as a CS elective.

Prerequisites:  CS 302 or consent of instructor.  Primarily for juniors and seniors in the CS major.
Not for graduate credit.